Thursday, March 6, 2014


Make A Note

In the old days miners had canaries in the mines to warn of dangerous gasses. When the canaries started to die they knew the air was toxic and it was time to get out! In life there are ‘canaries’ we need to watch. These canaries are small, somewhat inconsequential events, that by themselves mean little but as harbingers, bode ill for society and individuals alike.
The Christian Church is one of those ‘canaries.’ In societies where the Church has flourished, the culture has improved and prospered. Families have grown strong and crime is reduced. The tenor of our social discourse becomes more lofty as opposed to guttural. This is not to say any society has been perfect, or even wholly good. It is merely a comparison. That comparison, today, is stark!
Probably at no time in Christian history has The Church enjoyed such popularity and outward success. We have more ‘Mega-Churches’ in America than the world has ever seen. We have more Christian radio, TV and media outlets than at any time in our history, broadcasting religious messages and themes to billions of people, world-wide. We have more money being spent on churches and various ministries than we can imagine.
At the same time, the culture is becoming more coarse and openly destructive, while Christianity is increasingly denigrated and maligned. The culture has no respect for Christianity, today. The forces of secularism and humanism are openly challenging Christian morality. It is Open Season on Christians and on Christian values. In ‘Christian America,’ Islam is a protected religion while Christianity is apparently Fair Game.
An old adage says: if gold rusts, what can you expect of iron? Spiritually; Culturally, if Christianity is crude and immoral, what can you expect from those who do not embrace it? Crude? Immoral? Today, Evangelical leaders have no problem with Christians who cuss [see my YouTube Page ], drink alcohol, watch immoral movies and TV shows, divorce, abort their unborn babies, shack up, and even appear naked (or nearly so) in public.
The Result? Christianity and it’s value-system is under attack from every quarter. If it’s Christian, it’s Bad! The Christian Moral Code.  The Christian View of Marriage & Family. The Christian View of Government. The Christian View of Non-Christian Religions. The Christian View of Education. The Christian View of Contemporary Christianity.
So….watch this ‘canary.’ As the True Church and it’s Value-System come under increasing attack, from every quarter, can the complete destruction of all that has been The American Experiment survive?

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