Friday, October 1, 2010

We Love Obama -- But We're Willing To Share

Polls suggest that the American public likes Obama, the man, but not Obama, the policy-maker.

A likable guy, a pleasant personality, a pleasing demeanor, but when he puts his hands into our pockets or supports homosexual unions or funding abortions, we pull up short!

Is this an Obama-problem? Or is this an American people-problem? We voted him in, wanting him to change everything about our country and our way of doing business. We wanted his brand of socialism and 'free lunch' for everyone. Why the hypocrisy?

Well, the theory was grand, but the reality is painful. Did we not see this coming? Sadly, for many, the answer is No! The vision for America that Obama and his crowd have is not the vision most Americans hold. This is a man who clearly does not share our perception nor our dream.

But what else do we NOT see coming? Pundits speculate and Obama operatives claim that Mr. Obama doesn't want a second term as President. They see him using the presidency as a spring-board to a global career.

What's more appealing: having to deal with solving the problems of American polity with solutions that will not please everyone and most of which won't work? Or simply making speeches and being entertained around the world by any and all who see him as either a drawing card for their organization or a set-piece for their own purposes?

This is a man who fits the mold of the one God prophecies for the End Days. A global, charismatic leader who is asked to take control of a global economy and political situation that is careening out of control. A man who will be Israel's 'savior' in her quest to fight off her enemies.

This man will gain the support of ten global 'kings' -- power brokers who may be leaders of countries or leaders of economic regions -- who give their authority and power to him, 'in one hour.'

A man who will be a World Dictator, seemingly in control but ultimately destroyed by the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. A man who will be indwelt, eventually, by Satan, becoming The Antichrist.

Is Obama the Antichrist? I doubt it. But the pattern was set by Bill Clinton's post-presidency. A global career that hasn't really taken off. Could this black, pseudo-christian, mock-Muslim, liberal, progressive, socialist pull it off? This man without a documented past? This man who loves himself more than life? This man who does not see himself as an American and who's wife clearly hates everything about traditional Americanism?

The progressives have ruined our economy and set us on a post-American track. Is this the beginning of The End?