Saturday, April 6, 2013


    If you've been paying attention, this week, you might have noticed the atmosphere of concern regarding a number of key issues in our life: The Economy, North Korea and Our Children.

    What do they all have in common? They are symptoms of America's slide into relativism, selfishness and fear. In terms of the children, we are apparently willing to sacrifice them on the altar of our own selfishness. More of them are on Ritalin [and similar drugs] than ever before. Even after 10 years' of warnings.

    In terms of the economy, we are apparently willing to spend ourselves into bankruptcy and then blame citizens for consuming too much. Our leadership is arguing over 'saving' less than 3% out of a bloated budget. They think they're being fiscally responsible in so doing. Our President thinks that sort of saving is going to destroy The Recovery.

    In terms of North Korea, should North Korea follow through with their threats, officials of our government are talking about 'Regime Change.' Do the words, Vietnam and Iraq mean nothing to them? Do they not see where North Korea is? Are they foolish? Arrogant? Ignorant? Or just disconnected from reality? 

    It is symptomatic of morally challenged individuals that they do not see the difference between possible and necessary. Roman Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput, once said, "competence without character is a good recipe for wickedness." He was talking about the lack of virtue in leaders and how that determines their decisions.

    America is on The Brink. We do not have time for mistakes. War is brewing in a number of Hot-Spots around the globe. Our economy teeters on the brink of disaster. We cannot educate out children and now a Federal Judge has just ordered that 11 / 12 year old girls must be able to walk into a Drug Store and simply buy, over the counter, The Morning After Pill. A pill that aborts the fetus and brings lethal complications in some users.

    If we need more evidence of America's decadence and spiritual malaise, I can't imagine what it would be. More people in America believe they are Christians, than actually are. More actual Christians are embracing more of the world than ever before. More Christians are suffering the same illnesses and mental problems as do the unregenerate....and for the same reasons. More preachers are in sin. More churches are immoral in their finances, laws and activities.

    Our Churches have abandoned Doctrine. They won't preach it. They don't live it. They won't even list it under 'What We Believe,' on their websites. Look for yourself. Increasingly Doctrinal Statements are becoming shorter and shorter, more generalized and 'safe.' Otherwise people won't come to their church!

   What does that say about "Christian America?" We have been the bastion of Christian values for over 200 years! We have been the engine of peace and prosperity, the envy of the world. We have been the world's conscience. We have led the way in equality and individual prosperity. Now, we are leading the way in decadence and division. 

    What changed? Our churches changed! They gave into greed, just as our political leaders have. The Cult of Success co-opted The Church. In politics, wealth determines our leadership. In the church, wealth determines success and the leaders that bring that wealth are the ones we want. 

    Religion has abandoned God. Has God abandoned America?