Friday, August 30, 2013


   25,000 people gathered around and in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., to remember Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech. This speech, delivered in 1963, is a stirring, dynamic speech clarifying all that he was trying to achieve.
   Many in the Civil Rights Movement were present, along with invited guests, to 'Remember' and to 'Remind.' It's hard to remember how this segment of our society was treated, for no reason than the color of their skin. It's good to be reminded of what we once were, lest we forget how easy it is to drift back.
    However, many who spoke at this Event were not Marking the passing of an era. They were stirring up old animosities as though they were current. Are they current? The Black community does not enjoy Middle Class status. Is that my fault? The Black community is a protected group. Is that what America is about?
    The cry is Racism! It sounds bad. It is bad. But is it true?
    For generations, people have claimed racism where none exists! How do I know? Because, to denigrate or otherwise discriminate against another race, there must be another race! And there isn't!
    I know. This sounds all too petty! But, stay with me. The problems we have in America, today, regarding discrimination are not, technically, racial. To keep maintaining this terminology is to miss The Point!  To miss the point is to avoid The Problem. Avoiding the problem means it will NEVER go away!
    Our current concept of racism is a Darwinian idea. More specifically, a theory posited by British sociologist, Herbert Spencer, in his book, entitled: "Social Statistics," 1850. 
    Spencer coined the phrase, "survival of the fittest" to describe the outcome of competition between social groups. He argued that through competition social evolution would automatically produce prosperity and personal liberty unparalleled in human history.  
    This doesn't sound bad. What made it bad was Darwin's adaptation of it. He suggested that persons, groups and races are subject to the same laws of natural selection as were perceived in plants and animals in nature.
    This means some human beings have a greater ability to achieve than others, based on where they are in their evolution. Think about that! Human Beings who are not fully evolved? How does that work? What does that mean? Is that every Black person on the planet or just those who aren't able or willing to achieve? It's astounding!
    The men and women on the platform in Washington, this past week would have shouted "NO!" But, every day in State Schools and on TV and the Internet we are told and told and told that we have evolved, incrementally, up from primordial slime to sentient creatures [oops] with opposable thumbs. What's the logical conclusion, when we have an entire group of people we must care for and protect, lest they be left behind?
    It takes an evil heart to create this sort of disparity in society, based simply on the color of a person's skin!  The kind of evil God describes in Jeremiah 17:9 -- 'desperately wicked,' 'deceitful above all things.' This is exactly the way God describes the human heart. 
     This is exactly what we saw in Nazi Germany, during WWII. Drawing from these principles and applying them in a most logical way, Nazi Germany went about systematically weeding out undesirable illustrations of humanity under the Banner of Eugenics.
     Eugenics was / is the term coined by Social Psychologists to describe the effort to purge weaker DNA from the human genome. They didn't know about all that, except that there were people on this planet who were inferior and they could not be permitted to reproduce, if we were to reach the pinnacle of humanity, the stylized 'Aryan Race.'
    Blacks, Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies, the Insane, the weak, Educated men and women who did not support the Nazi goals, and preachers were systematically eliminated. Some were summarily shot, others systematically gassed, while others were useful slaves in work camps, until they died of starvation, depravation and hard work.
    After the war, Eugenics fell into disrepute. Not before it was applied to the Black community in notable experimentation. In recent years, in N.C., reparations were paid out to survivors and their families of these so-called efforts to cleanse the gene pool.
    Today, it is the Liberal Elite in Academia, Psychology, Sociology and Politics who keep the idea of Eugenics alive. If Darwinian Evolution is true, Eugenics makes great sense!
    The Black community would do well to keep a weather eye on their 'Friends.' And, since "Success is the Best Revenge," it would do well for them if they found a way to reclaim the integrity and strength of the Family and focus on becoming a more productive segment of society, before their 'Friends' find a way to use them.....again! And, not simply as stepping stones to their own wealth and power.