Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jared Loughner: The Anomaly ?

Everyone is talking about Jared Loughner, the Tucson shooter. A troubled young man, he clearly has what Dr. Charles Krautheimer (a psychiatrist) says is a "thinking disorder." Others are trying to establish that he is a product of Right-Wing hate speech.

So, who is Jared Loughner? We'll find out over the next few months. But don't be surprised if nothing really stands out!

There may be reports of parental neglect or abuse. There has already been reports of drug use. One of his Community College teachers thought him 'spooky' enough to get him removed from his class. A female student said she deliberately sat close to the door because she thought he would erupt in violence, at some point.

Society will be found to have failed Jared. He will probably be judged insane, which he appears to be, and spend the rest of his life in a Mental Hospital or in jail.

Where do "Jareds" come from? Our secular philosophy doesn't have a concrete answer. It can simply guess. And 70 years' of guessing has taken us on a wild ride!

Sigmund Freud guessed it related to sex. Margaret Sanger (and other psychiatrists) guessed it was evolutionary. Taking her lead from another 'guesser,' Charles Darwin, she and her fellows worked to sterilize undesirable traits from the human genome. They called it Eugenics.

Adolf Hitler's psychiatrists applied Eugenics to non-Arian races, especially Jews. The world was, and continues to be, horrified with the result.

Dr. Spock guessed at how to raise children, apologizing in the late 1960's for his error. Many others have (and are) guessing at who we are, why we do what we do and how to fix it.

I think we'll find that Jared was raised in a permissive home, that his parents were not engaged, that his father was angry and abusive [one neighbor has already said as much], that Jared was a 'troubled child' and this event was simply the boiling-over of all these factors.

But Jared is just one more "Sign-Post" that our secular, psychological, marxist society is ill-equipped to accomplish what it promises.

The Triumvirate of Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin have set us on the road to destruction. They saw men and women as incapable of governing themselves. Marx saw a centralized government of the Elite, making all the important decisions. Freud saw the human body as simply a compilation of chemistry and impulses, while Darwin robbed us of our humanity, making us animals only slightly higher than brute beasts.

So, after 150 years, we get Jared. Is there a difference between Jared and the average child you see in the store or in the restaurant, badgering his or her parents, insisting on having his or her own way, at the top of their voice?

Only in the result.

The Bloom is off the Rose! But the Elite among us: the social architects, politicians, scientists, psychiatrists and psychologists and even the preachers don't seem to 'see it.'

Give it some time and these folks will be back 'out there' buffing up that rose. Jared will be a blip on the radar. An anomaly. An exception.

Until the next time! Or, until it is discovered that the majority of us think very much like Jared. Then watch the door of personal freedom slam shut!