Saturday, October 12, 2013


  Or has the world suddenly become more violent?
  It seems violence is increasing. Once relegated to Inner Cities and Banks [that's where the money is], violence has reached into every area of our life.
  Not just someone being struck with a fist! These are serious, violent, vulgar, senseless attacks!
  People being beaten, mercilessly, or killed over small, otherwise inconsequential things. The way someone looks at you! A tone of voice! The possibility of someone being aggressive toward you! Just being in the wrong place!
  And this isn't accounting for Gang Violence or Street Violence, which often collects innocent by-standers.

  Is this our version of The Barbary Coast? With the outlawing of biblical morality, has our world gone mad? Or is this simply the natural consequence of a society with no inner control?
  We have more laws on the books, today, than at any other time in our history -- and more coming. We've run out of jail space and are turning people loose we once locked up. Judges are being jailed! Cops are joining in on an attack against a motorist [in NY]. Children are being shot or beaten to death in and out of our homes. And this doesn't account for the sexual crimes against children and others. doesn't matter what people believe. A committed Christian, a devil-worshipper, an atheist....they're all the same, right? No one's value system is better than another. Those who believe otherwise are bigoted or judgmental. The 'Thought-Police' will hound you until you sit down and shut up!
  Welcome to A Brave New World!