Thursday, June 24, 2010

Useful Idiots

I was interviewed by a conservative talk show host, recently, who trotted out all the old liberal chestnuts about homosexual rights.

They are a much-maligned segment of society.
The government has no business in our bedrooms.
We can't legislate morality.
They have rights, too.

It was sickening! They are a much-maligned segment of society for good reason! They are seeking to destroy this society. Not the average person who engages in homosexual behavior but the Gay Rights Activists. You can't take your children to a Gay Pride Parade, for example. And, if they get their way, the "family" will forever be dismantled and destroyed. This is no small thing, the family being the Basic Building Block of Society!!!!

The government was NEVER in anyone's bedroom! They brought their bedroom out into the street and into our faces! The laws against homosexuality, in the old days, were about sodomy. Sodomy is a physically, emotionally and socially destructive practice, and every government has the right / responsibility to protect its citizens from harmful people and/or practices.

EVERY law on the books legislates morality! Highway speed laws, animal leash-laws, jay-walking laws, ALL legislate morality. In this world there are some things which are right and therefore good and some things which are wrong and therefore bad. Governments pass laws to support the good and limit the bad. That's legislating morality.

Everyone has the RIGHT to be stupid, but it's not a good idea for the majority to be this way. When a person or a society emphasizes Rights, the tendency is toward Anarchy. When Responsibility is being emphasized it tends toward Character. The "Right" to corrupt our children and co-opt the family is not a good thing. Society's "parents" have a responsibility to control for such things.

You know the inmates are running the asylum when 'conservatives' are convinced that the homosexual arguments are valid! They represent about 3% of the population of this country, they are almost single-handedly responsible for AIDS, and the spread thereof and are openly advocating for the right to have sex with children. They call it 'therapy,' in the psychological publications and articles where the idea is floated. I first saw it in Psychology Today, about 10 years ago. Ever hear of N.A.M.B.L.A.?

One day people like me will be put in jail for writing a blog like this. And you will be right next to me for simply reading I Cor. 6:9 out loud, in the presence of other people!

Such is the power of sin that good becomes evil and evil becomes good. And it will happen through the efforts of 'useful idiots' who see themselves being compassionate and tolerant where this vile behavior is concerned.