Saturday, January 12, 2013

Are You Learning The Lesson?

      Lou Giglio is Pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. He's a young guy and a self-styled leader of a so-called New Breed of Jesus, Generation. He was invited to offer the Benediction at President Obama's Second Inauguration, on February 12.

    He has been effectively dis-invited by the Presidential Inaugural Committee because he "does not reflect this Administration's vision of inclusion and acceptance of all Americans."

    Just why he was invited, in the first place, is somewhat of a mystery. Giglio is not a Liberal, in the theological sense of that word. He is not an older cleric who has standing in the broader religious community. He certainly isn't part of any recognized minority population. He doesn't bring a voting block, nor did he raise money for the Obama Re-election Campaign.

    It appears they thought this young pastor would give them standing with the segment of the population he represents and can influence. All that evaporated when the committee found out he'd once preached a sermon against homosexuality.  

     He didn't actually preach a sermon against homosexuality, per se, he simply pointed out that homosexuality was a sin; one of many sins a person must recognize and be willing to repent of, should they want to be saved. He wasn't singling out homosexuals, apparently. He simply mentioned that sin, in the context of things that represent mans' sin nature.

    That Pastor Giglio hasn't preached on this subject since, doesn't seem to matter. That he stated in this letter to the Committee: "Clearly, speaking on this issue has not been in the range of my priorities in the past fifteen year," should have been sufficient to view him differently.

    However, the fact that he did say it.... then, is enough to punish him.... now. 

    The Message is: You can be a Christian; you can believe what The Bible teaches about morality and sin; you can preach what you believe, just don't cross the line and condemn sodomy, ....or infanticide, or....sexual promiscuity, or....any one of the Seven Deadly Sins!

    We saw it at the Democrat National Convention. The Party Platform was taken almost exclusively from Romans, Chapter 1, the last 14 verses. These are the ungodly [attitudes] and unrighteous [behaviors] of men that precipitates the wrath of God being revealed....against men who hold the truth in unrighteousness. [v. 18]

    This is a phrase that describes people who Know what's right / good, but insist on living as though it doesn't matter. It takes a fairly perverse man or woman to kill an innocent child, in the womb. It takes a fairly corrupted man or woman to not only justify sodomy but mainstream it as though it's normal. People don't get this way, over night. They have to be coached; encouraged; trained; desensitized; shamed into acceptance.

    That the Federal Government would be the instrument for this sort of degradation is clearly a Sign of The Times! Al Mohler calls it Moral McCarthysim. The witnesses in those 'Hearings" were universally asked: "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?"  

    Which side are you on?