Saturday, November 16, 2013

19 Kids And Counting

  Who are these Duggars and how dare they keep having children! The TLC Channel features this family each week, with about 1.5 million Americans watching. Mom [Michelle] has been pregnant for most of the last 25 years! She Home-Schools the children and teaches them social and domestic skills that will be a lasting benefit to them and to their prospective families.

  However…Jim Bob [that's Dad] had the temerity to suggest that abortion was akin to Nazi Germany's atrocities! Not on the Show! In a meeting of like-minded souls [The Value Voters Summit]. He suggested that we live in a society that is deliberately and systematically killing off a large segment of its population for political gain and nobody [well, not those who have the power] is willing to do anything about it.

  That was too much for the abortion crowd! sponsored an online petition demanding the cancellation of the show ["19 Kids and Counting"], the author of the petition claiming their 'right wing views have gone too far.' One signer commented: "This show disgusts me on every possible level." "Here's hoping that Duggar's offensive, pig-ignorant comments constitute the last straw."   [    Nov. 11, 2013]

  Amazing! If a Christian points at homosexuality or divorce or any other socially-destructive practice, declaring those behaviors wrong, they are being Judgmental. But, if a politically liberal person points that same finger back….it's being socially responsible!

  Keep in mind the Duggars are not on welfare, do not put a strain on the educational system and are raising their children to be responsible citizens and productive family members. Why can't they simply live their lives the way they want, speak out on the issues they believe in, without being threatened?

  Is abortion a 'baby holocaust?' Ask the 50 million babies that have been murdered in the safety of their mother's wombs! Babies who did nothing wrong; didn't ask to be brought into this world; have no political support system to protect them and present no threat to society except the need to be cared for until they can take care of themselves.

  We had abortion in this country BEFORE Roe v. Wade! That case was NOT about abortion rights. It was about women being able to get an abortion simply because they didn't want the baby. This was the first time one person's Right meant the murder of another person -- the most vulnerable of all persons: unborn babies.

  We did this by declaring that baby a non-person! Science has since demonstrated the fallacy of that assumption, but the abortions continue. We demonstrated our capacity for the macabre by eventually killing that baby AFTER it was delivered. We called it (euphemistically) a partial-birth abortion. Most of that has been eliminated….now that we know what it is like.

  The Duggars are letting God decide how many children they will have. They have that choice….so far. You don't have to like it; understand it nor support it. The couple with one child has made a similar, personal, choice. Why is one decision OK and the other "pig-ignorant" and must be stopped?

  And when will America Stand Up -- Speak Out? Mr. Duggar's comment was simply that the folks in Germany didn't, and the world is still appalled! What makes this "holocaust" less repugnant?

  Logically? Nothing!