Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Of Binaries & Boundaries

     This week the movie: "Dark Shadows" was released. It is rated PG-13 so all your 8th-     graders may attend. They can watch all sorts of demonic, satanic, violence and homo-erotica they want without parental presence or permission.          
    For younger parents, who have grown up in our permissive society, the Lesson is: what parents permit or reward they get more of. The only thing worse than allowing your children to absorb dangerous and/or destructive images is if you were to sit with them, while they watch. Being there and NOT challenging what's being presented is tacit approval and more.

    In less than 45 years we have gone from being outraged to having a sitting President who endorses sodomy. Newsweek hailed him as our First Homosexual President. Only those who are now 55 years of age, or older noticed. The rest have grown up with this issue and see it as a logical social evolution.

    While we slept the "Equal Rights Activists" have identified the harmful 'binaries' of our society and systematically destroyed them, at least in the minds of our young people.

    What's a Binary? The tensions between Right & Wrong, Good & Evil, Love & Hate, Spirit & spirituality, Life & Death, God & Satan.

    The Fundamental Binary is Creator & Creature! Destroy this distinction and the rest fall like a house-of-cards! Of course that is exactly what has happened over the last 45 years  [since 1968].  No longer is there a reason to label a particular action, attitude or desire evil. It may not be right for me, but that doesn't mean it isn't right for you.

    The psychological community has led the way, with the elimination of 'oughts' and 'shoulds.' [Sigmund Freud]. All sorts of behaviors are now labeled 'disorders' rather than problems or worse: sins. None of these are our fault! None of these can be fixed, in fact we should not even try since it would destroy our uniqueness.

    The educational system has followed. And why not since noted psychologist and head of Columbia University's Teachers' School, John Dewey, is known as The Father of American Education. He set up our educational system as a psychological experiment, calling the classroom a laboratory for indoctrination.

    The political system followed, since the children of the 1940's and 50's were products of Dewey's experiment. We saw the result in the late 1960's when 'students' were burning libraries and seeking to tear down The Establishment. It even shocked the professors who were advocating for these ideals.

    Next it found its way into churches. It is amazing how many people, calling themselves Christian, believe it bigotry to resist the slide of society into social and sexual depravity. Many [a majority?] see no distinction between telling a lie or taking a pencil that doesn't belong to you and a homosexual lifestyle. "Sin is sin," they say. God forgives sin.

    God forgives confessed sin. God forgives sin which is forsaken. God works in His children to give them a Desire for Righteousness and the Power to implement those attitudes and behaviors  [Phil. 2:13]. God does NOT look the other way, knowing that 'we're only human.'

    A Christian is a New Creature In Christ! He is not a renovated sinner. All things have become new, the old things are passed away. Yes, he still has the habits of a lifetime, but he begins overcoming those destructive / sinful habits. Yes, he has a physical tendency that Paul characterizes as a 'law in my members that wars against the law of my mind.' But the implication is it's a War not a cease-fire. The 'law in my mind' is my commitment to Righteousness which is fueled by "The God which is IN us both to will and to do according to His good pleasure."

    Christianity is about CHANGE! It's not the changing the rules / standards so my behaviors are deemed acceptable but the changing of ME so as to be conformed to the image of Christ. You do know: folks have tried to make Jesus into a homosexual for decades! Others have made Him a fornicator with Mary. Destroy the Binaries!

    The Battle is not over! However, if The Bible prophecies are true [and they are], this battle will only be won by the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to establish a Righteous Kingdom.  Hang On!  Make sure your soul is rooted deep in the promises of God!  Double your efforts to proclaim The Truth of The Gospel.