Saturday, January 5, 2013

Are There Any Adults Left In Washington?

    This week we heard how average Americans are working to get out of debt, while Washington added more debt on top of a mountain of debt! Do these folks know something average Americans don't?

    The Book of Proverbs lists hundreds, if not thousands of Wise Sayings. Some of them seem a little strange. One reason may be that what Solomon [or Agur and Lemuel -- who apparently wrote the last two chapters] wrote was not always the godly advice, but sometimes just the way things work, in the world of men. The cumulative effect, however, is to communicate Wisdom to those who want it.

    The opening chapters explain the Why and the How: as an introduction. With Chapter 5 we receive warnings. Warnings regarding the 'strange woman' and the things God 'hates.' The Strange Women is compared to 'Wisdom' [in chapter 1] who, as a woman, is 'crying in the street.' 

    As you read, you see that godly wisdom is not hidden from men. 'She' cries, not only in the street, but in the place of 'concourse' [business] and in the 'opening of the gates' [halls of justice] and throughout the city. Wisdom is available to all! All, that is, who will hear and heed.

    The wisdom offered covers the totality of mans' existence, from relationships to finances to personal disciplines to education, etc. The problem? Men don't want wisdom until they need it. The wise way is the way of restriction; of discipline; of decency. After 30 years of living any way we want, there are bound to be problems. Then we want wisdom!

    Where is 'she' then? Chapter 1:28 says it is then she will not answer you. She was available 'early' but you did not seek her; did not see a need for her. Now? You shall 'eat of the fruit of [your] own way, and be filled with [your] own devices.' v. 31

    What is the advice God gives?  Chapter 3, verse 16: You will be delivered from 'the strange woman,...from the stranger which flattereth with her words.'  Who is this strange woman? She is worldly wisdom. She is the personification of all the advice; ideas; suggestions which flow from the world of men and cater to our own selfishness. 

    Like what? Like you don't need to obey your parents. Like parents aren't supposed to control childrens' attitudes, vocabulary, ideas, daily routines. Like we can read anything we like, watch anything we like, play with anything we like and it won't matter. Like we can live anyway we choose and the result will be the same as those who live righteous. Like we don't need to focus on an education or a trade and we will have largely the same life as did our parents or as do anyone who DID focus.

    Ques: How do you get 30 years' experience? Where do you buy it? Who will give it to you, when you need it? The obvious answer is 30 years' experience comes only one way: you have to live it!

     This is why 'wisdom' laughs at your calamity [1:26]. It is why she mocks when your fear comes and when your destruction comes as a whirlwind [v. 27].

    Why? Because you didn't want her, when she was 'crying in the streets' and now that you need her, she isn't available to you. The day of learning was ignored. Now, you will learn the hard way.

    America is not like this! America knew wisdom. America has rejected the wisdom she knew in favor of New Wisdom. The wisdom of destruction and dissipation. The idea that everyone can have it all, without anyone paying The Price. It is a Fools Errand, borne of an unseen enemy who gained the ascendency while American Christians slept.

    The destruction about to descend on America is to be laid at the feet of the American Church. As conscience, she failed us. As 'salt' she has lost her savor. As 'light' she is all but extinguished. We have sown to the wind of selfishness and greed. We shall certainly reap the whirlwind of poverty and persecution.

    Surprise? This is what God predicted, thousands of years ago! Americans have simply thought it couldn't / wouldn't happen here. In the midst of this whirlwind The Real Church will grow strong and vibrant, in The Lord. The pretenders will drop off, not finding the benefits they thought were available. New Power will return to America. The Power we now see in The Church in China, Russia, North Korea, Nigeria, Sudan and in a host of Arab countries. 

    Things are changing, when educated people vote to create another four trillion dollars of debt, on top of sixteen trillion dollars of existing debt. A debt that is currently 3X what the government takes in each year. No one believes this is sustainable or wise! But none of that matters. What matters is that we have the society 'we' want. What 'we' want is a global society, completely dependent upon a cadre of elite leaders. A society we can hand over to The Enemy of our soul.

    What will 2013 bring us? A Living Bible! Bible scholars know there is much yet to be fulfilled, before Jesus comes, yet it is hard to imagine what remains before The Man of Sin steps up to protect Israel from her enemies. This is the biblical event that marks the beginning of The Great Tribulation; the Day of Jacob's trouble. If there is something that hinders this event, it is the strength / dominance / individualism of the U.S.  

    This is now evaporating.  Even so, come!