Saturday, November 2, 2013


   Thursday was Reformation Day!  You thought it was Hallowe'en -- I know.
   Philip Melancthon says this was the day Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the Wittenburg Castle door. We only have his word for it.
   For two weeks prior, Luther had been writing them down and sending them to various priests, bishops, Cardinals, etc. 
   In all this, apparently, some had gotten hold of them and began distributing them around to the common folk.
   Nailing these statements / accusations to the door was the academician's way of saying: Let's Debate. The propositions were written in Latin, the scholar's language. They were not meant for the common folk nor to be published.
   If you're a Christian, you probably know how all this worked out: Luther was condemned as a heretic, rescued by a prominent friend, was kicked out of the Roman Church, eventually married and had four children.
   Oh, and he stimulated a movement that is now called The Reformation! Hence, Reformation Day.

   Question: Where's Our Martin Luther's? 
   Where's the men and women who understand enough of The Bible to stand up and say: "That's Not Right!"
   The Charismatic Doctrine. The Seeker-Sensitive Doctrine. The Emergent Doctrine. The Missional Church Doctrine. Not to mention the pure Mysticism creeping into almost every church in America.  Can anyone say: Christian Yoga? Or Centering Prayer?
   The Bible Forum is about exposing these things; about looking at the doctrines; about turning the light on the rats. 
   How many sincere, true Christians have any desire for that? Like the political news, Americans are getting very, very tired of hearing all the 'bad news.' 
   Christians are no different. We just want to be left alone to raise our families and love our God. I understand. I feel the same way.  [of course I'm old, that's my excuse -- what's  your's]
   The average church-goer doesn't know enough Bible Doctrine to fill a thimble. John MacArthur says his grandfather [also a preacher] said everyone comes to church with a container: some have buckets; some thimbles.
   Everyone's container gets filled, but invariably the one with the thimble will trip on the door sill, upon leaving the church, and spill what he has!  40 years of ministry has taught me the same lesson.