Thursday, March 6, 2014


Make A Note

In the old days miners had canaries in the mines to warn of dangerous gasses. When the canaries started to die they knew the air was toxic and it was time to get out! In life there are ‘canaries’ we need to watch. These canaries are small, somewhat inconsequential events, that by themselves mean little but as harbingers, bode ill for society and individuals alike.
The Christian Church is one of those ‘canaries.’ In societies where the Church has flourished, the culture has improved and prospered. Families have grown strong and crime is reduced. The tenor of our social discourse becomes more lofty as opposed to guttural. This is not to say any society has been perfect, or even wholly good. It is merely a comparison. That comparison, today, is stark!
Probably at no time in Christian history has The Church enjoyed such popularity and outward success. We have more ‘Mega-Churches’ in America than the world has ever seen. We have more Christian radio, TV and media outlets than at any time in our history, broadcasting religious messages and themes to billions of people, world-wide. We have more money being spent on churches and various ministries than we can imagine.
At the same time, the culture is becoming more coarse and openly destructive, while Christianity is increasingly denigrated and maligned. The culture has no respect for Christianity, today. The forces of secularism and humanism are openly challenging Christian morality. It is Open Season on Christians and on Christian values. In ‘Christian America,’ Islam is a protected religion while Christianity is apparently Fair Game.
An old adage says: if gold rusts, what can you expect of iron? Spiritually; Culturally, if Christianity is crude and immoral, what can you expect from those who do not embrace it? Crude? Immoral? Today, Evangelical leaders have no problem with Christians who cuss [see my YouTube Page ], drink alcohol, watch immoral movies and TV shows, divorce, abort their unborn babies, shack up, and even appear naked (or nearly so) in public.
The Result? Christianity and it’s value-system is under attack from every quarter. If it’s Christian, it’s Bad! The Christian Moral Code.  The Christian View of Marriage & Family. The Christian View of Government. The Christian View of Non-Christian Religions. The Christian View of Education. The Christian View of Contemporary Christianity.
So….watch this ‘canary.’ As the True Church and it’s Value-System come under increasing attack, from every quarter, can the complete destruction of all that has been The American Experiment survive?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Are We Fighting The Right Battle?

   Andrew Thomas, writing in the Militia News [], cites a number of quotes from world leaders, past and present. Men like Vladimir Lenon & Joseph Stalin. We could add any number of others and find the same things. The common thread is their disdain for the common man and ruthless efforts to re-orient the world in their own image.
  Ex: “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”  “The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.” “Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism.” “Democracy is indispensable to socialism.” “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” “I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution…” “We can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people.”
   These are quotes from early 20th century, to our current political situation. I’m certain we could find the same sentiments going all the way back to the days of Noah. Politically and Financially ambitious men [and women] have shared these ideals, from the beginning of time. They speak of re-creating society (and the world) in a totalitarian system with one or a few people in charge of the everything. It is a humanist ideal; an atheistic ideal; a God-denying ideal.

   If you watch the trends it becomes clear that societies are increasingly debauched; self-absorbed and libertine. A recent Poll indicated that younger people are not so sure Capital Punishment is effective. Look for that element of our judicial system to go away, over the next decade or so. Such is the flexibility of our legal system that absolute standards no longer exist. Yet, without Capital Punishment there is No Law! There are only suggestions; guidelines. It is being reported that Dinesh D’Souza has been charged with giving too much money to a particular political candidate. His bail is significantly higher than that of several violent criminals charged in that same court. That’s not justice. It’s not even fair.
   Christians are waking up….a little late. We are starting to see what’s going on. However, we do not realize how serious is The Hour. We do not fight against flesh and blood, but against the forces of wickedness in high places [in the heavens]. The heart of mankind is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things….beyond knowing. By looking respectable and speaking words of encouragement, many politicians, preachers and other power-brokers have deceived the majority. We are currently being distracted by a spate of furry, fluffy, sweet-sounding ideals and doctrines so as to keep us busy with feeling good, while the world goes to hell in a hand-basket.

   I’m speaking of the current Evangelical Church! This once solid organization is now steeped in Mysticism and Self-Satisfying Foolishness, while the world languishes without hope. Christians are joining political action committees; marching on Washington and generally hoping to influence a new generation of politicians to straighten things out. Americans need to do these things! We still live in a country where we have The Vote! As long as we have it, we need to exercise it. Failure means they take it away from us.

   However, the Real Battle is being waged in our hearts. God’s people are a very small number of the total population of any country, and of the world. Yet, when God’s people pray, the Halls of Heaven vibrate. Jesus said, IF you abide in Me and My word abides in you…you may ask anything you will and it shall be done unto you.  [Jn. 15:7] I don’t believe this means getting your guy or gal elected to office, necessarily. God has His own Plan. What it DOES mean is that Christians are to ‘abide in Christ.’ I believe our current state of affairs, in America, is due largely to the spiritual slide of God’s people. With a strong Church, none of this immorality would be able to stand. Today, however, so-called Christians are defending homosexuality as right and good. That’s as far down as any society can go!

   Fight The Battle! Vote! Stand Up For Right!  But, first, fight the battle of your own heart. In God’s economy, BEING supersedes DOING

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ever Wonder If God Is Judging America?

How many Christian folks are wondering if we are in The Last Days? How many look at our social standards and wonder how long before God judges The U.S.? The Church? How many look at the pure chaos that is The Visible Church in America and wonder?
You are not alone. The World is wondering too. Biblical values, biblical standards are rapidly declining, all around the world. The West has been Christianity's Stronghold and that can no longer be said. Europe has been 'gone' for decades, America is now follow Europe's lead.
We [Christians] divorce at will; justify fornication and even adultery, in some cases ["I'm getting a divorce!"]; kill our unborn at the same rate as do those who know not God; use gutter language, even taking the Lord's name in vain; look, with an understanding eye, upon homosexuality and burn our bodies in death [to save money].
We are a Pagan Society, giving lipservice to God. The question is not: Will God judge us? He already is! How? By allowing us to pursue all these detestable and disgusting things [Read Romans 1]
Individuals and societies that love The Lord do not do these things....unless God allows. The Bible teaches us that God allows what we insist on having! We have insisted on having an open mind regarding sinful behaviors.
Now, the world is paying attention: Military and Political Leaders around the world are wondering what America is doing. We are abandoning our Western Partners in favor of our Eastern Enemies.
A U.S. Admiral says the U.S. is losing dominence to China. Iran's top Nuclear Negotiator says they can re-start uranium enrichment in 24 hrs, if they choose. Iran's top leaders are claiming Victory in the Nuclear Talks. A British Senior Defense Advisor says President Obama is 'chronically incapable of military strategy.' 'He has no clear sense of what he wants to do, in the world.' A top Defense Minister in Israel says Sec. of State, Kerry, is 'inexplicably obsessive' and 'messianic' in his efforts to achieve a Palestinian State. He is 'out of touch.'
This week Congress passed a 1500-page Spending Bill. Representatives and Senators, alike, are admitting no one read the bill. This is Immoral! The last large Bill they didn't read was the Affordable Care Act. How's that working out?
Yes, dear Christian, we are in The Last Days! God has 'turned us over' to our own desires. The visible expression of Christianity is corrupt. The popular expression of The Gospel, isn't the biblical Gospel at all. Leadership in the church goes to the most dynamic, dramatic and photogenic. Preaching has largely ceased. In its place is 'A Teaching.' We are now being educated in a series of "How-To's" when what we need is the Prophet's Warning!
What value is it, if we raise our children well and they lose their souls? What value is a good marriage or a balanced budget, if we have not Peace? What good is a healing or a prophetic word, if our hearts are not atuned to God? God has ordained Preaching! Preaching is the declaration of propositional truth! A statement, from God, that proposes a response, from God's people. A Teaching is simply instructive. Do you see the difference?

God Does!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Virtue Is Now A Liability

   The Bible takes a strong stand in favor of virtue. It equates virtue with strength and condemns those who would pervert it.
   Isaiah, Chapter 5, is an example:
   Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!  Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him! 

    Virtue is moral excellence; goodness; righteousness. In a world where there are no objective standards of morality, however, virtue becomes a word; a concept significantly out of step.
   Today, we view the person who advocates for 'women's rights' as virtuous. Of course the phrase, 'women's rights' is a euphemism for infanticide. The same is true of 'equality of the sexes,' which is increasingly a phrase in support of homosexual behavior. 
   Candace Cameron [Full House] wrote a book and in the interview with a notably liberal website stated that she had chosen submission to her husband as the preferable option, since her goal was to "do everything in my power to make my marriage and family work."
   Imagine my shock when this liberal website [and consequently a Morning TV News Anchor] were aghast that anyone would do such a thing! The News Anchor, being homosexual, is to be understood. That Christians -- or at least those who attend church -- would also be surprised / outraged? at this obvious throw-back to medieval values, is a bit more difficult to swallow.
   Not that long ago, Bill Bennett published a Book of Virtues. That books was a Best Seller on the New York Times List, for several weeks. Today, those virtues are under attack as a social liability. The result of a social shift toward greater freedom of expression.
   What has all this Liberation brought us? Tattooed Women & children; Public use of profanity; Public nudity; Fashionable Fornication; Acceptable Adultery; The Abandonment of Decency and Honesty.
   To support all this debauchery, it's supporters must destroy the voices of reason and morality. Their philosophy cannot support itself. The more it is exalted, the more destructive it is to society. So they shout louder! Condemn more vociferously. 
   The only thing that shocks this society, now, is public demonstrations of Virtue! That these demonstrations are NOT flowing from our churches tells us where we are and where we're headed.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Wraps Are Off! The Issue Is Clear!

The casual observer, and many Christians, think about Christianity and The Bible in terms of God's Love: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…."  [Jn. 3:16]

Love, however, is NOT the Theme of The Bible. That designation belongs to Redemption. From the very beginning, everything that happens to mankind points toward God's Redeeming the fallen race. Our celebration of Christmas is oriented toward Redemption, as we remember Christ's entry upon this Earth in the likeness of man. He came 'unto [for] you,' a Savior: Christ the Lord.  Luke 2

This week, Unbelievers, Agnostics, Atheists and The Ignorant let loose with tirades and epithets against a man who -- when asked the question -- answered it, quoting from The Bible. I speak of the now-famous [or infamous] GQ interview of Duck Dynasty star: Phil Robertson.

I have never seen Duck Dynasty, I refuse to pay the exorbitant fee being charged by my cable provider, for 82 channels I don't want. However, the Robertson family's reputation / testimony precedes them, in large neon letters. They are Everywhere!

What's At The Heart of all this? You might think it's another attempt to denigrate Christians and Christianity. You might think it is the Liberal's continual effort to keep people from hearing and/or thinking about things godly. You would be right.  However, there is something much more insidious and destructive in this particular effort.

Cable TV and TBN, specifically, has spread the 'gospel' far and wide, for well over 30 years. Liberals, Agnostics, Atheists and Change-Agents have largely ignored these folks, unless they are laughing at or mocking them. They are no threat! Only the Christian community has been loathe to condemn these false teachers, clowns and mystics.

But, here comes Phil Robertson with another declaration of The Truth! It may not have been expressed elegantly. It may have been off-the-cuff. It certainly came from an unpolished and unsophisticated source. But, listen, now, to how the unbelieving world responded. They didn't laugh. They didn't write it off. They certainly didn't ignore it. They rose up with one voice to denounce Phil and condemn everything he said….with every ounce of energy they possess.

Why? Simply because Phil has a 'bully pulpit!' Duck Dynasty is The Most Successful Reality Show, ever! More people watch this show than almost anything else on TV. What he says is going to be heard! And when he dares to say these people are sinners before God and candidates for eternal judgment, that must not stand!

The Message? We can tolerate the things we see as silly and non-essential, like Church services and Evangelistic Meetings. We know they don't amount to much. Church people are not much different from us. But this? This must STOP!

This what? The declaration that God hates sin, along with a recitation of what sin is; what it looks like; who is doing it. Essentially, pointing the finger at just about every New Social Initiative in the last 50 years and saying: This is what God condemns.

There is an outcry. A&E is on the wrong side of this issue. But, the Entertainment Community, the News Industry, the Educational Community, the Psychological Community and most of Congress and the Judiciary have too much to lose if Phil's pronouncement is allowed to stand.

The road just got a little more rocky. However, it may have just gotten a whole clearer.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

When Someone Makes Your Point It's Not Always Fun

Are You Keeping Up?

   Last Sunday night, on The Bible Forum, we talked about Mark Driscoll's new book ["A Call To Resurgence"] bemoaning the dominance of post-modern thinking ravaging the country, and the world.

  My Thesis was/is: Mark Driscoll [the so-called 'Cussing Preacher"] is The Poster Boy for post-modernism in The Church! He has thrown out biblical authority and a lot of moral authority in his effort to be 'relevant.'

  If you want to hear how I develop that concept, go to the website  [ ] and click the video image to access the Archives. Last weeks' show is there.

  NOW….it seems, Driscoll was interviewed on the Janet Mefferd Show. If you don't get that in your area, go to her website  [ ].  You will be educated, entertained and edified….biblically.

  Anyway….The interview is about his new book. Janet pointed out that he had copied extensively from Dr. Peter Jones' work. Driscoll was surprised and said he had interviewed Dr. Jones but had not taken notes.

  Mefferd pressed the issue as unethical [immoral] and the conversation got tense. It's fair to note Mefferd's background is in journalism.

  Whether she was right to press her point or Driscoll was justified in being peeved at her efforts is secondary to my point: To copy another man's work and then pass it off as "Oh, if I did that I'm sorry," is a classic Post-Modern Response!

  In another time; with another generation, this would have elicited a far greater sense of either outrage OR repentance, even among non-Christians. Tyndale House knows better than to do this, so it seems reasonable that Tyndale would have questioned Driscoll extensively before publishing the book.

  My Point last Sunday [Nov. 17] was that Driscoll IS post-modern! This interview and his response proves my point.

  What do you think?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

19 Kids And Counting

  Who are these Duggars and how dare they keep having children! The TLC Channel features this family each week, with about 1.5 million Americans watching. Mom [Michelle] has been pregnant for most of the last 25 years! She Home-Schools the children and teaches them social and domestic skills that will be a lasting benefit to them and to their prospective families.

  However…Jim Bob [that's Dad] had the temerity to suggest that abortion was akin to Nazi Germany's atrocities! Not on the Show! In a meeting of like-minded souls [The Value Voters Summit]. He suggested that we live in a society that is deliberately and systematically killing off a large segment of its population for political gain and nobody [well, not those who have the power] is willing to do anything about it.

  That was too much for the abortion crowd! sponsored an online petition demanding the cancellation of the show ["19 Kids and Counting"], the author of the petition claiming their 'right wing views have gone too far.' One signer commented: "This show disgusts me on every possible level." "Here's hoping that Duggar's offensive, pig-ignorant comments constitute the last straw."   [    Nov. 11, 2013]

  Amazing! If a Christian points at homosexuality or divorce or any other socially-destructive practice, declaring those behaviors wrong, they are being Judgmental. But, if a politically liberal person points that same finger back….it's being socially responsible!

  Keep in mind the Duggars are not on welfare, do not put a strain on the educational system and are raising their children to be responsible citizens and productive family members. Why can't they simply live their lives the way they want, speak out on the issues they believe in, without being threatened?

  Is abortion a 'baby holocaust?' Ask the 50 million babies that have been murdered in the safety of their mother's wombs! Babies who did nothing wrong; didn't ask to be brought into this world; have no political support system to protect them and present no threat to society except the need to be cared for until they can take care of themselves.

  We had abortion in this country BEFORE Roe v. Wade! That case was NOT about abortion rights. It was about women being able to get an abortion simply because they didn't want the baby. This was the first time one person's Right meant the murder of another person -- the most vulnerable of all persons: unborn babies.

  We did this by declaring that baby a non-person! Science has since demonstrated the fallacy of that assumption, but the abortions continue. We demonstrated our capacity for the macabre by eventually killing that baby AFTER it was delivered. We called it (euphemistically) a partial-birth abortion. Most of that has been eliminated….now that we know what it is like.

  The Duggars are letting God decide how many children they will have. They have that choice….so far. You don't have to like it; understand it nor support it. The couple with one child has made a similar, personal, choice. Why is one decision OK and the other "pig-ignorant" and must be stopped?

  And when will America Stand Up -- Speak Out? Mr. Duggar's comment was simply that the folks in Germany didn't, and the world is still appalled! What makes this "holocaust" less repugnant?

  Logically? Nothing!