Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day Hope Died, or....The Day The Scriptures Came Alive?

   The day of our General Election, 2012, Matt Barber, writing for, called for "Churches to get involved in politics."

   He was referencing the IRS's demonstrated reluctance to pursue pastors who preach political messages from the pulpit. A phenomena recently observed.

   The next day came the re-election of Barack Obama: a president who stands as a living monument to how easy it is to be president of a country you despise. Should he get his way, we can expect MORE regulation by bureaucrats, MORE debt, MORE dependent citizens, MORE pandering, MORE mainstreaming of sinful practices and MORE of everything to make our society morally, economically and socially weak!

   Do we take Matt's advice? The Evangelical community did that in the 1950's. How's that worked out? By the 1980's, Jerry Falwell was taking credit for motivating evangelicals to help elect Ronald Reagan.  It's been pretty much down hill since then!

   It has become conventional wisdom, among many Christians, that The Church is supposed to be involved in politics as a way to influence the culture. Perhaps because that's the way First-Century Christians did it. [That's sarcasm] 

   Has anyone checked the scriptures, lately? The prophets predict a steady decline until Jesus comes. Paul said the Spirit of God 'expressly stated' that men would continually get worse, until Jesus comes. Is there any mention of the United States being an exception? 

   Has anyone looked around, lately? From big cities to the suburbs it looks more like Sodom than The Celestial City. Our population is getting younger and browner and more decadent, even the so-called Christians. After 80 years of Dr. Dewey's psychological experimentation in our classrooms, this younger generation doesn't think or act like anyone you knew in 1965.

   Where does that leave those who are truly redeemed? It leaves us exactly where God wants us! It also leaves us with the tools God gave us: Grace, Prayer and The Gospel! 

   Proverbs 24:19,20  [paraphrased] Do not fret because of evil men, neither be thou envious at the [morally] weak because there shall be no [future reward] to [such men]. [Their life] shall be quenched. 

   We can fuss; we can fret. We can crawl into a hole or organize a political action committee. Or....we can pray; live a truly godly life; be a consistent witness and preach The Gospel when the opportunity presents itself. 

   It's not as exciting as a political rally, but it's how the early Christians 'turned the world up-side down.'