Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Support of The Park51 Mosque

Recently a number of 'Religious Leaders' gathered at the site of the proposed Mosque, just 200 yards from 'Ground Zero' to offer their support for Religious Freedom, Brotherhood and Peace. The rest of us are just Bigots!

What you have to do is look at who these Religious Leaders are and what they represent. They are the Liberal, Progressive wing of whatever religious group they represent. The educational institutions listed are also liberal. Liberal Jews. Liberal Protestants. Liberal Baptists. Liberal everything.

What is a Liberal in the world of religion? These are folks who have abandoned the basic tenets of their religion in favor of something else. That 'something else' is whatever liberal, progressive, post-modern or heretical principles appeal to them.

If it's Judaism, the liberal Jew does not hold to the basic principles of Judaism.If it's Catholicism, or Evangelicalism, or any other religious group, the same is true. The exception would Protestantism. This entire group is already Liberal, and has been for over 50 years.

In government, it's the same. A Liberal (now progressive) American is one who has abandoned the governing principles of the United States [The Constitution] in favor what they see as a better way. They give lip service to American Ideals, but re-define the words and concepts to fit their own perceptions.

My point is: Pay attention to what people believe, before you start thinking that their support of peace, brotherhood and religious freedom is legitimate. Should that mosque be built, YOU won't be permitted inside for worship! It's not a Church For All People. And there is ample evidence that Muslims have routinely built mosques at the sites of their most prominent conquests.

When churches can get building permits wherever they wish to build, it might be time to consider some of this rhetoric. But, we all know that churches face up-hill battles to build houses of worship in many (most?) areas of these United States. And churches are truly open to all people.

The Liberal wing of American politics and American Religion do not share the majority view in either. They do have the loudest, most prominent voice. Don't be intimidated by a vocal minority!