Saturday, February 9, 2013

Christianity Is Not A Club We Join

    Christianity isn't most of the things people believe it to be. 

    Christianity is NOT a religious movement: it's not about Rules

    Christianity is NOT a social movement: it does not seek to create a Utopia on earth.

    Christianity is NOT a political movement: neither secular politics nor ecclesiastical politics

    Christianity is NOT an American Thing! 

    Christianity is about the most important issue facing mankind! It's about our soul; our relationship with God; our eternal destiny. To couch it in one or more of these other terms is to miss The Point, entirely!

    In this sense, Christianity is NOT a club we join; NOT an escape from judgment; NOT a hedge against calamity. 

    Christianity is a relationship with The Almighty, made possible by the willing, awful sacrifice of The Lord Jesus Christ upon the Cross of Calvary.

    It is a relationship of voluntary submission and obeisance; a relationship that transcends all other relationships, while enhancing them and giving them new meaning and purpose.

    Prayer is the breath upon which our heart-desires and gratitude are expressed to The One Who hears without ears; Who builds, sustains and tears down without arms or hands; Who loves and disciplines His children; Who provides for our every need; Who rejoices in His children's praise; Who glories in His children's holy worship.

    The Worship of God is offered, out of the highest respect.  [Ps. 5]

    Worship is an expression of humility and meekness.  [Ps 22]

    Worship is offered in Thanksgiving to The Maker, Sustainer of all.  [Ps. 95]

    Worship is a gift we bring to God because He deserves.  [Ps. 96; 99]

    Worship is a gift He desires, as opposed to what we think is acceptable. [Ps 138]

    American Christianity has either forgotten all this or, in the case of younger folks, never knew it. It shows up in the way we live our lives, the way we treat others, the way we approach society and the way we worship. For most of us, Christianity is far less than what The Bible presents and far more than it ought to be!

    A missionary, returning from Cuba, wrote: Cuban Christians pray for persecution in America! They know that persecution will cleanse and strengthen The Church. It did there! It does everywhere.    

    The increasing secularization of society is a direct result of the spiritual weakening of The Church. Christianity has been marginalized even as we see it's public face growing stronger.

   God is working His will upon this earth. The politicians, power-brokers, bankers and religionists are seeking to work their will upon this earth, in opposition.  How will it all end? 

    The Bible records the angel, speaking for God unto Zechariah about the end of the age. When Zechariah clearly does not understanding what he was seeing, the angel replies, simply:  "It is not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts" [Zech. 4:6]

    "Even so, Lord, come!"

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