Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where's The Beef?

Dr. Al Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in his blog, references the trend among young Jewish adults who are polarizing between the Orthodox and the Secular. []

It seems, however, that the fastest growth is among the Orthodox. The Secular Orthodox are not reproducing themselves, either physically or spiritually. Dr. Mohler draws some obvious parallels with Contemporary Christianity, at least in this country.

He references Collin Hansen's article in Christianity Today to make his point. []

Apparently younger evangelicals are being drawn away from the fluff and emotion that constitutes much of the Contemporary Christian scene, just as much as they are from their parents' brand of Church.

The trends seem to support the idea that young people, being idealistic at heart, and yearning for a more significant spiritual expression, gravitate to the Contemporary Churches or those which offer a Contemporary Service and lots of opportunities for ministry as well as social activities.

Having spent some time there, a growing number are becoming disenchanted. The assumption is that the more exciting, attractive and active churches are more 'alive' than the old, dull and dead churches.

But wait! A growing number are being attracted to the Reformed traditions. If you aren't aware what that means, it means churches where the Bible is actually taught, much like in a Bible College! It means Bible Doctrine takes Center Stage! It means these young people recognize the need for spiritual 'food' and where to find it!

If The Lord tarries, we may see more and more young adults growing up to see the emptiness of busyness that characterizes much of organized Christianity today. You can do just so many Missions Trips, Youth Activities and Social Events, before you start wondering "where's the beef?"