Sunday, July 8, 2012

America's Fading Glory

    How long will it be before our July 4th celebrations will be considered racist or bigoted or just politically incorrect?

    We look back upon 1776 with pride, knowing that it was a watershed moment in the history of the world! British colonists throwing off the shackles of despotism in favor a new and revolutionary form of government. A government OF the people BY the people and FOR the people. A Democratic Republic, with a Constitution that protected citizens from tyrannical abuse by the government.

    Now, we listen to the likes of Chris Rock who wishes us a "Happy White Peoples' Independence Day." A sentiment that would be labeled racist except a black man said it.

    This is followed by Mellissa Harris-Perry [a black MSNBC Weekend Reporter] who found no reason to celebrate the 4th of July in the traditional sense. Her version of history has the Founders forming a Union on stolen land, with slave labor and oppressed women. She used words like "imperialism," "genocide" and "slavery" to describe how this nation was established.

    In the view of a growing number of Americans, the Constitution, as well as it's Preamble: the Declaration of Independence, do not represent freedom but oppression.

    Question: Did / does the Constitution of the United States grant Liberty to all?
     Answer: Yes!

    Question: Were all men immediately Free?
    Answer: No!

    Liberty is not necessarily freedom, and the constitution only guaranteed the 'pursuit' of liberty. But it also guaranteed the pursuit of life, while not every American enjoys actual life. Some die at child birth or from accidents or disease. In 21st century America more die BEFORE they can be born than AFTER.

    The Constitution also guaranteed "the pursuit of happiness." Are you happy? Of what does this happiness consist? The Framers were talking about a disciplined, productive life style, not the right to party!

    It is clear the Framers understood the moral depravity of the human soul. They knew people were evil and would run toward corruption. What they did was impose a template by which ordinary men and women could achieve, without the government abusing them or their rights.

    Did they succeed? Generally, yes! Ms Harris-Perry, however, thinks American Independence was defined in terms of "commodities: homes of our own, better educational opportunities, family vacations and a car to vacation with."

    She misses the point! The old adage [not deTocqueville, apparently] says it best: "America is great because she is good. If America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great."

    Well, America has officially ceased to be good. She has corporately and officially abandoned her moral foundation: The Bible. Having done so, she is determined to alter every moral standard so as to bring about the happiness she envisions enshrined in the constitution. Which is? Whatever a human being wants, needs or desires.

    The Educational System in America is a willing accomplice. Dedicated to scientific principles of math and the interpretation of words, we have watched this institution blatantly abandon reality for expediency. For at least 50 years our school system has systematic dismantled the foundations of this once-great Republic.

    So, how many more July 4ths will we be [officially] celebrating?