Friday, September 7, 2012


 Drew Peterson, serial-groom and all around jerk, has been convicted of 1st degree murder in the death of his 3rd wife, in Illinois. [He will be tried for his 4th wife, soon]  There is no death penalty in Illinois so he will serve 60 years in prison.

    While no one doubts his guilt, this trial was conducted under a new Illinois Law: Drew's Law. Under this law a defendant is required to defend himself against hearsay evidence, something U.S. Law has disdained for over 240 years!

    Drew Peterson is a bully! Throughout this case [several years] we have seen evidence of this in his outrageous bravado, taunting of the press and those cheering his arrest and in his suggestion, on a talk show, that women could "Win A Date With Drew."

    In an era of Zero-Tolerance for bullies, why are we focused only on school-yard taunting of homosexuals? What about the wives who are bullied [and killed] every day by dominating men? Men, like Drew, who insist on having their way and intimidating anyone who doesn't agree?

    Drew Peterson is a bully who is no doubt a murderer! But he does not deserve the death penalty! The case against him is based on hear-say evidence, a legal principle rejected in this country for or 240 years. 

    Our legal system is based on biblical principles. Under Mosaic law the death penalty required at least two witnesses. Witnesses who saw the crime, saw each other and tried to stop it. The idea is that it is better to let murderers go free than to convict an innocent man. Murderers will face God's judgment and, as every police officer knows, they will no doubt run afoul of the law again. 

    In America we are proud to say we are 'innocent until proven guilty.' Hearsay evidence is not admissible in a court of law! Well, that has changed, at least in Illinois. We don't like the death penalty, so Petersen will now be on the government payroll for the next 20 or so years, depending on how long he can live. And now we don't even need evidence to convict him!

    Does anyone see a pattern? The society without a death penalty, has no power. None of the other laws have any power if there's no death penalty. In this emotional environment, everything is subjective and fairness (as each generation defines it) becomes the standard. 

    Lady Justice has removed her blindfold and is adding weight to the scales of Justice, arbitrarily. 

    Can you say: "French Revolution?"