Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's Just A Kid's Show!

A Christian Website, dedicated to helping Christians know and understand what's going on in the Culture printed a Review of the new movie: ParaNorman.
In true 'contemporary christian' manner, the review was NOT HELPFUL! Why must so-called Christian ministry / news outlets pander to the least common denominator? 

The Title Reads: "Dark but Imaginative ParaNorman is Outcast Friendly" It concludes with: "...while ParaNorman is entertaining and may look like your average kids' movie on the surface, it's really dark, ...."

The Theme is 'bullying.' Bullying is not what you might think. Bullying is when someone says things that hurt your feelings, all the way up and including physical damage. As such, bullying has become a 'catch-phrase' for anything that makes a person feel uncomfortable and code for 'anti-homosexual bigotry.' 
In this flick, the main character is a child who hears voices from 'beyond.' "Obsessed with zombies and misunderstood, Norman keeps company [after school] with his dead Granny. And since the dead souls aimlessly floating around Norman's hometown can't communicate with anyone but him, his chats with the dead are basically the only time he feels remotely close to popular."

The movie is filled with zombies, spells, magic and all things supernatural, as if these are just different, not evil.  Can you say 'conditioning?' It also includes a very angry witch -- who died a ghastly death centuries before -- and is out to wreak her own brand of vengeance.

Underneath it all is the theme of bullying: treating others as outcasts, looking down our noses at people who are different, not seeing the pain that drives the evil bullies do, etc. It's very P.C.

For Christians? The Bible says we're not to participate in evil, not even to look upon it. We are to guard our minds and hearts, protecting ourselves from the images, sounds, sights, etc that end up filling our 'imaginations' and creating more problems later on.

Whatever happened to Holy? How many parents will take their children to see this movie? How many Christian parents are so 'hip' or dull of spirit or simply foolish enough to think this is entertainment? The actual number would astound you! The 'redeeming quality of the moral' will be sufficient to expose their children to a world [even if it's only on the screen] that God says we are NOT to dabble in, for any reason.

Why is the Christian community so spiritually dull and blind? Look no farther than the pulpits! As long as preachers are doing well teaching people how to be good parents, good friends, good lovers, good stewards of their wealth, etc. -- with Bible verses tacked on so it looks like a Bible Lesson -- people are going to continue thinking they are Christians because of what they know or do.

And, as with most things, the children will pay!  This time, with their soul.  Popcorn, anyone?

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