Thursday, February 25, 2010

Will The Church Go Through The Tribulation?

The answer to this question is either YES or NO, or MAYBE, depending on who you ask.

Beware the person who makes elaborate efforts at defining words or explaining grammar, to make his point. The answer is not that hard, nor is it that complicated.

The Church is a unique organism. It is called a "Mystery" because it was unknown until God revealed it to us, through Christ. It is the "wild olive branch" which is "grafted in," now that Israel has been "cut off" for a while. [Rom 11]

It is called the Body of Christ, as each member is baptized into it at the moment of salvation [I Cor. 12:13].

It is called The Bride of Christ [Eph. 5], with Jesus her Bridegroom.

And it is called a Temple: the temple of God on earth. [Eph. 2:21,22]

The Church is said to be 'saved from wrath' through justification [Rom. 5:9]
And...not appointed unto wrath [I Thess. 5:9]. The wrath which God has "revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men... [Rom. 1:18]

Jesus promised another 'comforter' Whom The Father would send, once He was gone. This Comforter would indwell believers (The Church) to convict the world of sin. [Jn. 16:8]

In simple terms: This 'Mystery' had a beginning, with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. It is now the 'holy nation' of God, which will be the focus of God's blessings until Israel is restored, when 'the times of the Gentiles be come in.' [Rom. 11:25,26] And thus all Israel shall be saved.

And it will have an ending:
Before Israel is saved
Before God's wrath is poured out on those who dwell upon the earth [Rev. 3]
When The Comforter is removed, revealing the Man of sin [II Thess. 2]
When Jesus 'descends from heaven' [I Thess 4]

There is no "Church Ministry" in the Great Tribulation.
The Gospel preached is not the same as that preached today.
During the Tribulation, God is not building His Church.
During the Tribulation, God is not dwelling upon the earth.
Tribulation wrath is for earth-dwellers: The nations & Israel.
Christians are not earth-dwellers [Col. 2:20; 3:1]

The doctrines which have to be corrupted to allow The Church to go through The Tribulation are many. The Doctrine of The Church, The Holy Spirit & Salvation are the main ones.

Paul wrote to the Thessalonians about the coming of Christ and told them not to worry. He said the coming of Christ is not something they should be concerned about. The "coming" in view, with 'times and seasons' is all about "them" not us. I Thess 5

It's all about your hermeneutic and whether or not you use a sound exegesis. Without this, you are able to make the scriptures say almost anything.

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