Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Consumer Alert!

The visible Church in America rarely corresponds to The True Church of The Lord Jesus Christ! For those who are thinking this is an outrageous assertion, I challenge you to think about it, biblically.

How many churches require that members have a credible testimony of salvation?
How many have based their Doctrinal Stance on The Bible?
How many preach The Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ, the way the Apostles did?
How many operate on the Free-Will offerings of God's people?
How many have leadership qualified by the standards recorded in Scripture?
How many preach/teach the doctrine described in the New Testament Epistles?

Using this measure, biblical churches are few and far between. Which brings me to the second of the Ten Things The Visible Church Has To Answer For: Opening the door to biblically offensive patterns and policies.

It is offensive to God:
That a group of non-believers could call themselves a Christian Church and have everyone else accept their claim.

To have women in spiritual leadership roles. Women have a vital spiritual role in The Church, but may not hold spiritual leadership offices: elder, bishop, pastor-teacher, deacon.

For those who represent Him to be be supportive of infancticide and/or sodomy.

For churches to draw on the Levitical Law in structuring their organization. Whether it is a priesthood, tithing, or simply imposing rules and regulations that define spirituality.

To sell things or offer gambling opportunities, including Lottery Tickets, in order to support the ministries of His Church. It is an indictment against God that implies He cannot or will not take care of His own.

To develop Seeker-Sensitive Programs and Polices. Such an approach assumes The Gospel is impotent.

To bring worldly musical forms and worldly, selfish worship forms into The Church. It's the same as inviting Allah to a Pig-Pickin' and expecting him to be pleased.

That pastors see themselves as anything other than servants of God and those the congregations they represent. Those who don't understand need to read I Peter 5:1-4 and consider that it is the congregation that "called" you. The one which "hires you" can also "fire you." And there's where the authority lies.

There are many more, but the point is made. If you take exception, let me know. Use the "comment" feature and make your point. But....bring your Bible not your opinion.

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