Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Starting To Make Sense

I learned a new word this week: panentheism. I may have seen it before and just thought it was misspelled. You see pantheism is the philosophy/ belief that God is all (or everything). Native religions tend to be pantheistic.

But panentheism is the belief that God is IN everything. The importance of this word is found in the Battle for Truth. You see, this pagan concept may be in your Church. It may also be that you espouse it, in your spiritual walk.

It is NOT a Bible idea. But it certainly explains why certain changes and doctrines are not only popular, but fiercely defended.

Panentheism says that nothing is so secular (absent of God) that it cannot be made sacred. Why? Because God is IN everything. He is in ungodly musical forms if we just add God-words. He is in unholy behaviors or environments if we simply sanctify them by our own motivations.

And He is in the worldly, secular, human worship forms, sanctified by he word "church" or "worship."

The list is not endless, for true believers. We have limits. But for others, it is.

Occultist and prophetess, Alice Bailey, writes: "The Christian Church in its many branches can serve as a St. John the Baptist, as a voice crying in the wilderness, and as a nucleus through which world illumination may be accomplished."

The blending of occultic ideas and methods with Chritianity (which has been part of mainstream church for 40 years) will provide the vehicle for spreading and instilling New Age consciousness.

Churches will still have Christian trappings, use the same vocabulary, but asked specific questions about traditional Christian doctrine, New Age answers would be given.

The Word-Faith Movement, Seeker-Sensitive Movement, Contemporary Worship Movement and the Emerging / Emergent Church Movements are the major players. But Christendom, at large, has been captured by this philosophy.

It satisfies the human heart that wants God, but on it's own terms.

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