Saturday, April 25, 2009

Christian Patriotism

As we watch our beloved America being swallowed up by governmental totalitarianism and socialist philosophy, what, if anything, is a Christian to do?

Many Christian organizations have sought to force America back to her Christian roots through political activism. A New Breed is preaching a “Kingdom Now” philosophy which has The Church ushering in the Millennium through social activism.

Others are saying that The Bible teaches Christians are to stay out of politics on the basis that Jesus said His kingdom was not of this world and the fact that The Bible characterizes all countries, other than Israel, as “The Nations.” A group that will be judged during the Great Tribulation.

I believe the answer is rooted in the scriptures. Human government is ordained of God. Believers are commanded to “obey them that have the rule over us “ (Rom. 13). In most cases this has meant Kings and Dictators, who make the laws. In our case we are ruled by The Constitution. In America we have no King. No one is above the law.

When unjust men seek to subvert the Constitution, godly men have a responsibility to hold them accountable, by legal means. We would not hesitate to take a neighbor to court, should he erect a fence 20 feet inside our property line. Or continually violate the law in an effort to establish himself at our expense.

The argument that we are not of this world is offered by those who would defend their worldly rights by suing the uninsured motorist who recklessly destroyed their property and/or inflicted serious bodily harm and refused to make it right.

Christians have the right (responsibility) to defend against those who seek to undermine the law of the least to a point.
We dare not violate God’s Word in a vigorous defense of liberty.
We dare not break the law to defend the law.
And we dare not let this earthly pursuit interfere with, or rob us of, heavenly pursuits.

In the end, should the laws change, we would be required to live in harmony with whatever they are, as long as they did not require us to violate God’s Word or our conscience. (Acts. 5:29)

Whatever we do and however far we go depends on the individual, the circumstances and sound reason. As important as this battle may be, it is not to be waged at the expense of our testimony or stability.

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