Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Church Has A Lot To Answer For

There's a lot of talk about what this person or that political party has to answer for. We're talking "Judgment" here. And the judgment in view is that of God.

But what about the organized Church. The one that claims to be the "Ordained of God?" Is she going to escape retribution? Not on your life!

I'm not talking about those cult-like sub-groups. I'm talking about Mainstream "Church." The one that everyone can see and many people enjoy.

Let me spell it out for you. This is the Church that has:
Abandoned The Bible as the final authority in all things pertaining to faith and practice.

Opened the doors to a variety of biblically offensive patterns and policies

Normalized the sin of Cain, by creating all sorts of alternative "worship" forms.

Embraced Satan's Lie by teaching as fact that believers become "little gods."

Accepted The False Relgion of Babel, with it's mysticism and required religious behaviors.

Incorporated occultic practices such as exorcism or 'Deliverance' techniques, speaking in gibberish and calling it an angelic language: the language of God, channeling spirits of demons who communicate messages supposedly from God and clairvoyance in knowing the physical or financial condition of people they've never met.

Turned a deaf ear and blind eye to the Canaanite practice of offering their infant children to be sacrificed on the altar of a false god for wealth or pleasure. Abortion on demand, as a woman's "Right"

Making merchandise of mens' souls with a Health-Wealth Medicine Show, complete with hucksters and shills, peddling useless products at outrageous prices and calling it The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Exalting biblical ignorance by calling it spirituality or the Spirit-filled life.

All the while marginalizing the clear truth of God's Word. A truth we do not want to hear because of its unyielding exaltation of God....over self.

Do you recognize YOUR church? In subsequent blogs I will attempt to flesh out what is meant by these statements, one statement at a time.

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Beach Mama said...

Looking forward to your future posts regarding these statements.